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The Defintive Guide to Transport

Choosing your transport is not nearly as fun as choosing the dress but whether it is a Cinderella style carriage, a classic Rolls Royce or a helicopter there is a wide range of transport available for your wedding day.


Chef Editor, Susie J

The season does play a part in what you choose; you would not want an open top car for a December wedding! But ultimately your choice of transport should reflect the style of your wedding day, your taste and your budget.

The cheapest alternative is to ask a friend with a nice car to simply add some ribbon and be your chauffer for the day. 09LondonBus.jpg

Most couples will hire a wedding car for their big day unless of course you are getting ready in the same venue as the ceremony and the wedding reception. Some opt for a classic vintage car, some prefer something quirky and most grooms prefer something sporty. Nowadays there are many to choose from including:

  • Stretch Limo

  • Classic Car

  • Sport Car

  • Horse and Carriage

  • Own car/friend’s car

  • Helicopter

  • Coach

  • Big red London bus

  • Scooters

Bridal Party and Groomsmen Transport

Take a head count of the bridal party and the groomsmen and then work out your vehicle needs.

The typical day goes as follows:

  • Father of Bride, Bride and Bridesmaids (sometime with Mother of the Bride) are transported to the ceremony venue
  • Groomsmen are transported to the venue, usually driven by the Best Man or Ushers
  • After the ceremony the Bride and Groom are transported to the reception venue
  • Father and Mother of Bride and Bridesmaids are usually driven by the Groom’s parents and the Best Man and Usher

Guest Transport

Depending on your reception and ceremony locations you may want to provide transport for guests. Perhaps your wedding reception is taking place at your house in a marquee and the wedding ceremony in the local church a few miles away, consider transporting guests to and from the Church in perhaps a London Bus!

It is still not unreasonable to expect your guests to make their own way to the various venue locations after all the day itself is quite expensive.


Make sure you are both happy with your choice of transport and go and see it to make sure you like it. Local wedding fairs are an ideal way to check out what form of transport is available in your area.

Things to think about:

  • Brides, getting in and out of a sports car in a full dress with tiara may be quite challenging! Instead consider hiring the groom a sport car perhaps a Ferrari or if he is a Bond fan an Aston martin DB9 to take him to the venue
  • If you really have your heart set on arriving in a helicopter make sure you have permission to land at your chosen venue(s)
  • Brides, as with low rise sports cars be mindful of your dress, tiara and hair when choosing vehicles make sure you won’t catch your dress on oily door hinges, knock your tiara or get too windswept
  • Check timings with your supplier, what normally would take you 10 minutes in your car could take more than 30 in a vintage car or horse and carriage and whilst it is a bride’s prerogative to keep the Groom waiting being over and hour late is not good etiquette.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to transport, just make sure you are both happy with your choice!

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