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The Definitive Guide to your Wedding Hair

You have found the dress and now you are thinking about your hair. Now is not really the time to try a drastic hair cut or colour.  

Chief Editor, Susie J

 As with make up it’s best to stick with a look that suits you. If you never wear your hair up then your wedding day is not the day to start as you may feel uncomfortable with the look. You also shouldn’t try a new colour or cut in the leading weeks before the wedding. Try anything new a few months before so that you can be sure you like it, it also allows time to fix anything you don’t like.

 Wedding hair tends to align to these few basic styles:Wedding_Hair.jpg  

  • The bun – a simple construction of the hair pulled back neatly.
  • The up do – an updated version of the bun, the up do adds more drama and height to the original bun created more curls and a bigger look all around.
  • The messy up do – a modern take on both the bun and the up do, the messy counterpart allows for loose strands to break away from the already loose up do, creating a more natural, relaxed and sexier look.
  • The French twist – a sleek and polished pulled back look with the hair arranged in a vertical or horizontal twist along the back of the head or on side extending back from the ears.
  • The chignon – the French twist’s cousin emerges with the hair pulled tightly back but arranged in a series of knots at the nape of the neck
  • The half up do – this is a loose, easy to wear look where only the front portion of the hair is pulled back and arranged at the top of the head. The back of the hair falls loosely.
  • The down do

Remember the style should suit you and your dress, so if you need any advice discuss this with your hairdresser, they should be able to offer some ideas.

Don’t be afraid by having a number of trials to make sure you have got it right! You should also have a trial with your tiara, jewels or flowers not forgetting of course your veil. Make sure any jewels are covered when using hair spray as this will dull down the sparkle.

 Also consider if you want all your bridesmaids to copy or complement your chosen style and if your hairdresser is to do their hair. There is no harm in asking your bridesmaids to fund their hair trial.

 Don’t forget the Mums! It’s a nice touch for the mums to have their hair done so include them in any plans. It may be that they want to arrange this themselves with their own hairdresser so it’s worth asking.

Whatever you decide make sure your hairdresser knows before the wedding. You don’t want them to be messing around on the morning of the wedding.

 Choosing your Hairdresser

 Most brides will use their normal hairdresser for their wedding but often this isn’t possible due to location or timings. It can also be expensive to take a hairdresser out of a salon on a busy Saturday morning as they will charge for the time they lose which can be anything from £200 upwards. One way around this would be for you to go to the salon. It’s a personal choice so only you can decide if you’d mind making a journey on the morning of your wedding, possibly with the bridesmaids in tow.

It may be that your normal hairdresser doesn’t do wedding hair at all and you need to find one especially. There are lots of mobile hairdressers and if you can’t find one via recommendation then the yellow pages and wedding websites are a good place to start. Make sure though that you have a trial!

When choosing a hairdresser you need to make sure they are used to working with your type of hair, whether it be extensions or a weave you need someone who knows what they are doing. If you are going to try extensions for the first time, whether permanent or temporary have a trial and wear them for a full day. Some people find they are very heavy and give them a headache so it’s well worth the test. Make sure they can do everyone’s hair. Depending on the time of your wedding most hairdressers can do four to five people. If you have lots of bridesmaids ask if they bring an assistant along and whether this will be included in the cost or charged on a per person basis.

Lasting all day

The key to a good style is one that lasts all day and into the evening. So why not have a trial run in the morning to see if your chosen style will ast all day. 

Getting Organised

Supply your hairdresser with a list of how many and who they will need to style also indicating what style each person is to have and if there are any accessories to add.

Ask for a detailed list of what time they will be arriving on the morning of the wedding, that way you can co-ordinate it with your make up artist. The norm is to have your hair done first and then make up so make sure your hairdresser is happy with this. If there are any problems then put your make-up artist and hairdresser in touch with one another so they can sort it out between themselves.

All brides will agree the getting ready part flies past so make sure you add some time in to relax and take it all in, this is your big day! 

Again it comes to having a trial, if you want curls but usually have straight hair try an arrange a trial at a similar time to when it would be done on your wedding day, this then allows you to see if the curl will last all day.

You could try an updo for the day and in the evening unpin some preselected sections to give you a half up do. Remember to choose someone to help who has not been at the champers!

A sneaky tip is to invite you hairdresser to the wedding that way you can be sure of a touch up!

With thanks to Jonathan Ryan of www.WeddingsByRyan.com for the photograph


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