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The Definitive Guide to the Role of the Chief Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour

Well now, our lovely bride and groom have decided that you are to be a main player at their special day, an honour indeed but it’s not all pretty dresses and new shoes. You have an important part to play, so here is some help on what’s expected. 


Wedding Planning Editor: Julie ToobyBridesmaid_and_Maid_of_Honour.jpg

This role usually goes to the bride’s closest friend or family member. Prior to the day you will be required to go dress shopping, organise the hen party and look after the bride during it. Attend fittings and take on any jobs you are asked too, you should attend any rehearsals and meetings as required.

On the day, make sure the bride drinks plenty of water, has eaten and is as relaxed as she can be. Make sure hair and make-up are on schedule and help her and the other members of the party dress.

Keep to time, a few minutes late may be accepted but half an hour could be a disaster.

Generally look after the bride for the whole day, help with make-up and hair touch ups and going to the bathroom, wedding dresses can be hard to negotiate in a toilet cubicle.

Assist the best man with any gifts and cards and family gathering for photographs.

Your job is to look after the whims of the bride on the day, as she may be nervous and need a re-assuring smile at any time.

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