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The Definitive Guide to the Gift List

Gift lists are always a sticking point. Couples are often confused about just what they should be asking for and whether or not it’s rude to ask for money. Really it’s a case of whatever suits you best as a couple and how well you know your guests. Although etiquette states that couples should try and steer away from asking for cash! 


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There are so many different gift options available now that you really are spoilt for choice. The most traditional gift list is one that you register at a store of your choice and laden with saucepans, cutlery and fluffy towels. Of course these lists were always popular because couples never used to live together before getting married but these days that’s mostly not the case, so most couples already have their marital home set up. If that’s the case then it’s nice to try and think of a few unusual items that you wouldn’t buy yourself like some kitchen gadgets or maybe some crystal. Crystal is making a huge comeback and there are some wonderful designs. Champagne never tastes as good as it does, sipped from a crystal flute!

 Or go for something a little different in the form of a new garden. Yes, a new garden, you can register with a company and have guests buy plants, a few slabs or labour to have your garden landscaped. If that doesn’t suit you then why not go for honeymoon vouchers, a piece of art or wine for your cellar.  

Wine often makes a good gift and you could make up a list of some wines that you want to collect. Maybe add some that will be perfect for drinking on different anniversaries, such as 5th or even 25th. It’s very versatile as the prices vary and gives you the perfect excuse to start that wine cellar! 

You will often find that couples need larger items and this is why they may sometimes ask for vouchers or money. It is safe to say that many guests don’t like giving money but are more open to giving vouchers. This way they can see their money will be spent on items that will be used in the couples home. If you do opt for money or vouchers it’s a good idea to set up a small list with a few choice items on. This is good for those guests that would rather purchase a gift. If you don’t do this you risk gusts buying you something “they” have chosen themselves that may not be to your taste. 

With any list it’s best not to have something that is purely on-line. Older guests often don’t like buying on-line so keep this in mind and maybe register at least a few items with a high street store. There is always the option that you really don’t want gifts. You have everything you could possibly desire and therefore want for nothing. If this is the case then way not set up a charity account, with someone like Oxfam. That way guests can donate something in your name, a couple of goats or a chicken perhaps. Sounds a little strange but it’s unique and for a good cause.  

Most of all it’s worth spending some time looking around to find the gifts that suit you. There isn’t really anything that’s not available as a wedding gift list these days so it’s just a case of looking around and finding the perfect fit!

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