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The Definitive Guide for the Mums

Whilst a wedding day is always focused on the bride, it is also the turn of the Mums to shine as well. It’s a very special day for them and they will want to look the part. If possible it’s a good idea to plan a shopping trip with both. This is a bonding session as much as anything and it’s nice to make your Mother-in-law to be feel special and included.

Wedding Planning Editor, Susanna Richardson

Be honest with them both. If there are colours you want them to avoid, speak up. You can’t complain if you didn’t make your opinions known right from the offset. Make any dress codes clear, so if all ladies are wearing hats let them know. It’s sometimes very easy to keep family members in the dark as you assume they already know everything. Definitive_Guide_for_the_Mums.jpg

Their outfits should compliment each other and also compliment the colours of the wedding party. Good communication is the key. Always get the mums to talk, that way you avoid the terrible faux pas of them turning up wearing the same outfit - don’t think it won’t happen because it does!

It can be tough to find the right outfit so allow plenty of time. Wedding fairs can be a good place to start as well as high street stores. Many of the big department stores have a free personal shopper service so make use of this and book them in, you could maybe team it with a make–over at one of the counters for that added touch of pampering. Keep a list of the shops that you have already been to and cross them off so that you don’t go back on yourself.

It can sometimes be a good idea to have something made if they are really struggling and at least that way you can make sure the outfit is unique. Try and avoid run of the mill stores as quite often you risk a guest wearing an outfit that is the same. This would not be good as the mums should look extra special. If they do opt for a high street design, team it with some unusual accessories to make it look different, shoes, handbags, some jewellery will all add to the look.

If you know that you will clash with your mother or mother in law and it’ll end in tears then simply don’t go there. Consider hiring a personal shopper to go along with you or even take them on their own. You want it to be a nice day and if tempers will be fraught by mid morning coffee that simply won’t happen. The key to good shopping is a cool head and a “flexible friend”

Things to consider:

Comfort – It’s a long day and temperatures vary, churches can be cool and venues can get hot so an outfit with a jacket or wrap is a good idea.

Details – An outfit is really made with the finer details so keep any hats, fascinators in mind when shopping.

Shoes – Just like the Bride, the Moms will do a lot of socialising so any shoes need to be comfortable. If possible it’s good to have and pair to change into. Also, take note of where they will be walking, if there’s lots of grass then stiletto heels are a no-no as they sink in the grass.

Hair and make-up – If you are having a hairdresser and make up artist come to the house then include the Moms. It’s nice for them to looks extra special and feel pampered. Make sure they have a trial so they can be sure they are happy with the overall look.

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