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The Definitive Guide to Bridal Shoes

It’s a must to find a pair of shoes that is beautiful, elegant and most of all, comfortable!


Chief Editor: Susie J Def_Guide_to_Shoes_White_Satin_Shoes.jpg

Many brides choose bridal shoes depending on the style and color and these days most styles can actually be dyed to match the exact colour of your dress!

There are various styles a bride can choose from such as pumps, sandals, strappy, stilettos, silhouettes, sling backs, ballet flats, open toes, close toes, pointed, rounded, squared and so many more. Apart from this, there are also various embellishments available, which include jewels, bows, beading, lace, colour trims, and embroidery, all of which can make the pair more stunning.

As for the colour, most bridal shoes come in bronze, silver, gold, white, off white, pewter metallic shades, cream, light grey and light brown. Choose a style and colour that would enhance the wedding gown and would complement the overall theme and style of the affair.

Sometimes, brides fall in love with a beautiful pair of shoes that they ignore the fact that they do not feel comfortable wearing them. They make the mistake of thinking that it would not matter. Come the day of the wedding and they realize they have made a huge mistake when blisters start showing up or when the bride could hardly walk halfway during the event. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to ensure that a pair of shoes is comfortable. A bride should feel comfortable wearing and walking with her pair of choice.

The Fit Factor

The fit of the shoes is one factor that affects the degree of comfort. Since the feet are at their largest during the end of the day, it is better to do your shoe shopping at this time. It is also essential that you do not simply try on the shoes but you also walk around in these.

To Heel or Not to Heel

Another factor that contributes to comfort is the heel. Some brides would prioritize height and opt for killer high heels just to look good even when they are not used to it. But the smart thing to do would be to choose a heel height that you are comfortable wearing since you will be doing a lot of standing, dancing and walking all throughout the day.

If you really are not a fan of high heels, flat shoes like satin ballet slippers can also be a nice pair of bridal shoes. Moreover, choose a heel height that would complement the length of the dress and not make the gown drag the ground while you are dancing or walking. That said you can take alter the length your dress!

Fantastic Fabric

The two most common choices for wedding shoes are silk and satin. If you are non-traditional or if the wedding is not a typical wedding gown, you may choose other kinds of fabric. However, it would be best that the fabric of the wedding gown and shoe match closely to achieve a harmonious feel.

Designer Bridal Shoes: Chic & Trendy

When it comes to bridal shoes, some of the most popular choices are Vera Wang, Jimmy Choose, Gina Shoes and Manola Blahnik. Choose a pair of shoes that would best fit your style, taste, comfort degree, and budget.

Bridal shoes should be of good quality and stylish design but remember that comfort is still the most important factor. After all, you will be wearing this pair all throughout the day. You will dance on it, walk on it. You could walk on carpeted floors, polished floors and probably on rough terrain! Some beach wedding the most sensible choice is a pair of flip flops!

No matter how busy you are, never wait until the big day before you wear the shoes. Wear them a couple of weeks before the wedding. Strut them around the house everyday for one to two hours to break them in.

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