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The Definitive Guide to Toned Arms

Getting ready for your wedding? Want your arms to look and feel spectacular in your sleeveless or strapless gown? 


Fitness and Wellbeing Editor: Charlene Hutsebaut

Below you will find an excellent exercise to tone your arms while working other major muscle groups. I figure why waste time when you can be super efficient and get other areas feeling slim and sinewy too!  So, the bonus in the end is that you will be toning many muscles and your arms will look strong and supple.  Sexy_arms.jpg

Wall squats are excellent to strengthen the quads (legs), gluts (bum) & core muscles (abdominals, lower & mid back). The added bonus is postural work for the upper back and core muscles because of the back against the wall. (It is harder to hold here than you would imagine!)

On this version I have added a bicep curl so you will work upper and lower segments of the body. This position is great for those who are a bit worried about their balance. If you feel you want to work harder be sure to sink to a 90 degree angle behind the knee (no lower) and hold for longer. For those first timers, keep your bicep curl set short so your legs can handle the position. 

Here are some points for you:

  • lean against a solid wall with your shoulder blades down and back and against the surface       
  • shoulders are down, away from the ears
  • for beginners stay higher with the legs (more angle behind knees)
  • for advanced sink lower with the legs (less angle behind knees)
  • hold with the legs while you move through a bicep curl
  • start dumbbells in hands beside the legs
  • keeping the back of the upper arms against the wall, (they stay here for the entire movement pattern), bend the elbow and pull dumbbells up in the air
  • the key here is to stop at the top of the movement just when you feel the arms want to come away from the wall
  • to finish, slowly lower the dumbbells back to the start position
  • choose a weight you can get through 10-15 repetitions
  • at the end of each set you should feel like the weight is challenging you but not at the expense of technique
  • work your way to 2-3 sets

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